Monday, 25 February 2013

SEO for Small Business

I believe, it’s every small business owners dream to see their small organization transformed into a large organization spread around the world. It does not mean they want grow into 5000-employee organization with $10Billion turnover in next 5yrs. It’s about their reach to customer base across the Globe.

In today’s online economy, where small business is no longer limited by their physical location or reach, their dream to go global is far closer than it was ever been.

In the past, one of the challenges with any business to market their products worldwide was lack of sales and marketing infrastructure. To build it required constant business growth complimented by huge investment.

Internet marketing is a blessing for every small business owner with a dream to grow big. Internet marketing is the most cost effective way for any business to market their products and services worldwide. Best of all, Internet marketing is not a domain of select few. Numerous Internet marketing specialists can help achieve your objectives.

Even though, technology has made it look like a breeze for any business to jump into Internet marketing but it can result in zero outcome if you don’t do it right.

Internet marketing  must be treated with respect and care. It’s important to understand and evaluate all available internet marketing options and see which of these Internet marketing strategy best suites your business.

Internet marketing  is a combination of multiple options e.g. Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Ad Words, Affiliate marketing and now the fastest growing, Social Media Marketing ( SMM ).

So far, promotion through Search Engine Optimization is the most cost effective from longer terms perspective. Getting found through organic search gives more credibility to your business as compared to be listed at the top through Adwords.

To maintain your ranking requires constant work in terms of continually updating your website content, regular blogging and maintaining local listing through Google places etc.

Google constantly changes their search algorithms in other words, rules are changed regularly and that affects every site. For this, you need a good Search engine optimizer who can keep track of the changes and make regular submissions. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is all about doing simple things regularly, ethically and by keeping your customers best interest in mind.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Web Design & Ecommerce

For an online ecommerce shop front, their website design is as important as designing brick & mortar shop. Just imagine going to a huge hardware store and once you get in, you can’t see any signage or anyone one coming to help you.

How would you feel trying to find something you really need urgently from stack of million items? On top that, the store is so shabby and with bad colour combinations that you feel like throwing up. May be at that time, you will run faster than Usain Bolt out of that shop and take hundred other potential customers with you by shouting it loud. That is called negative publicity through word of mouth.

Online ecommerce stores are exactly like that, only difference is, our fingertips do the running. It depends entirely on business owner to appreciate the value of making their online shop fronts, presentable, inviting and provide exceptional customer experience.

Web design should make your customer’s browsing experience a fun activity and they should feel compelled to buy more than what they planned for initially.

There are number of factors that make your online business a successful online business. Most critical is website design. The biggest mistake storeowners make when designing their store is, pick the colours and look they think is good. One thing they forget is, they are not the customer, Web design, must be appealing to their customer base. I agree, you cannot please everyone and that’s where your market research comes into play. Anyone selling hardware items, most likely their target market would be men and more specifically trades people. Based on this demography, your website designer should come up with suitable design with right colour combination and above all, keep it simple. Remember, men don’t do window shopping! Moreover, they don’t have the same level of patience as women. Therefore, website must be easy to navigate and able to help where ever your customer is stuck.

When doing the web design, you should know your customers buying behaviours. Do they buy online via pc, tablet or Smartphone? If your customers are mobile most of the time and only buy through smart phone or tablets, its gives you an idea. In that case, your well-designed website must look good on mobile devices, buying should be easy, and if they are stuck, customer can call you with just click of a button.

Obviously, you should also have the site that suits PCs. That is why most businesses are opting for Standard websites plus mobile website when putting together their web designs.

Website design for ecommerce store defines if your business will be successful in the end or it would just be a drain on resources.

We at NextGen ebiz offer combination of online marketing techniques, innovative design & strong application development capabilities to provide best output and results to enhance site rankings and ultimately business over the internet.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Is your website a Billboard or Business Development Tool?

In today’s digital age, first impressions about your business start from your website. One of the basic and key elements of the website today is to have most up to date information, easy to open, up and running at least 99% of the time if not 100%, connected to social media network like facebook & twitter and most importantly, customers should be able to easily contact you through your website 24/7.

You can improve your customer’s experience by giving them the option to chat Online with your sales staff through your website. Let your customer provide you with detailed and accurate information about their requirements through online enquiry forms even before your sales team connect with the customer. You also don’t want your team spending time on looking for customer’s historical information while customer is waiting on the phone. Wouldn’t you like your customer to access their information securely through self serve customer care portal?

E-commerce gives you the access to world wide market and you can run you business through online shopfront. You can give your customers complete flexibility to do business with you through database-driven storefronts, secure online payment systems and much more.

It’s worth investing in website optimization; otherwise your website is going to be best kept secret. Make your website visible and reach out to your Customers.

At we partner with our valued customers to help build their e-business strategies and fully managed solutions right from Web Development stage till we transform their online solutions to Business Development Tools.
Growing Influence of Social networking

As we know, social media is increasingly playing an important role in our lives, such as Facebook, MSN messenger and YouTube.  Especially for teenage generation, these sites are pretty important when it comes to catching up with friends and checking out what’s going on in people’s lives etc. YouTube is pretty important as it provides entertainment such as music videos and funny stuff that is yet to be popular. They can stay updated with the latest and upcoming events that are on Facebook and concerts in YouTube. The social media is a new and upcoming trend that is still waiting for its use to be at its peak.
Social media can have as many flaws as its pros. You have to watch out what you’re posting onto the internet. For instance you went for a job interview, there is a possibility that your perspective employer will search you up on the internet. If you have an inappropriate videos, posts or updates, it will certainly have an adverse impact on your chance to get employed.

Social media is gaining ground each day because it makes sense and it relates to basic human behavior to be able to interact with friends and family with least amount of effort.
Businesses have now started to appreciate the power of social media in addition to search engines and the need to consider Social Media optimization as an integral part of their online marketing strategy

Some businesses have up to 90% of their marketing budget assigned to online campaigns through Facebook and Twitter but it’s important business to balance their marketing strategy by exploring every possible online marketing option e.g. Social Media, email marketing, affiliate marketing , search engine optimization. It’s all about constant evaluation instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.
NextGen ebiz Solutions specializes in development of e-business strategies and solutions for small to medium business in Australia through web redesign, search engine optimization, e-commerce and Internet Marketing.
New Google Search Update Could Spell More Trouble for Business Websites?

"If you don't update your business website very often, you may want to rethink your online content strategy. Google's search algorithm will now put a higher priority on high-quality content; the search giant has announced a new update that aims to provide users with "the most up-to-date results."

So what does that mean to a business? For Online focussed businesses which are investing time to ensure their website reflects latest offerings and updates, it's a Godsend and an opportunity to get ahead of your competition. If the content about your business doesn't require regular updates then blogging is the best way to make sure you show up in search engines. But the point is, if you have a website, please make sure, you look after it.

NextGen eBiz Solutions Australia helps Small to Medium enterprises to stay ahead in online presence.

What is On-Page Search Engine Optimization

 What is On-Page Optimization and how it can affect your website’s Search Engine Ranking.

There are number of factors that affect the page rank of a web site in different search engines. These factors are broadly classified as internal and external page ranking Factors. Site structure and layout is an important part of Internal Page ranking factor that determines the position of a web site where it will rank in the relevant search result.

Few of the points below are helpful when setting up a web site page. One of the common myths about number of pages a site should have is, more the pages – better the rank. However, that is not true. Number of pages may be limited but it is the content that matters. Ongoing update and addition of your website pages helps search engines like Google to count it as fresh content. Updates from time to time such as publishing articles, news, press release, useful tips etc are helpful.

1. Page Size: Less words / sentences on a web page will less likely to get attention during search engine listing because quality content in adequate words are one of the main parameters to count a page as quality page. Most of these search engines counts a page with 400 to 3000 words on a page as good page (Around 2000 to 20,000 characters).

2. Relevant Page Names: Instead of naming an internal page in numbers/nodes like xyz/1, a relevant page name positively should have a targeted keyword.

3. Avoid Sub Directories: Sub directories should be routed through main directory

4. Targeted Keywords: Web pages should have repetitive occurrence of targeted keywords (at least 3 to 4 times, depending upon the overall length of the page content).

5. Keyword Density : There is a hidden formula generally followed by search engines to measure relative frequency of words mentioned Vs total number of words on a web page ( in terms of percentage) For example if a page has 10 times occurrence of specific word on a 100 words written content, the keyword density is 10%. Both higher and lower keyword density is no helpful for any site. Lower percentage will make it uncounted for and higher can be considered as spam. Therefore, having a balance is important. Optimum value is around 5% to 7%.

6. Main Menu Options: As a rule, site main menu should have some targeted keywords.

7. Location of text: Expert think, targeted keywords and phrases should be at beginning of the page. It helps in getting immediate attention of a search engine.

8. Text Formatting: Search Engines consider text special i.e. headings, bold, underlined. Other than this, title tag of any page, Alt Attribute for each image, Description in Meta tags etc also play vital role.

NextGen ebiz Solutions specializes in development of e-business strategies and solutions for small to medium business in Australia through web redesign, Responsive websites, Search Engine optimization, e-commerce and Internet Marketing.
E-Commerce gaining ground in Australia

While Australian e-commerce still has a long road to travel before catching up with US and Europe, a recent study has found that the divide is steadily closing.

Australian businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of e-commerce to stay competitive and their ability to reach out to customers far and wide. But there’s more work to be done to close the gap that remains too large especially in the small business sector.

However, of greater concern is the fact that many small businesses in Australia do not realize that e-business is critical to their competitive success.

As per IDC "Too many small business operators believe that having e-mail and a basic Web site is enough, but it's not”.  E-business is the way of the future that will enable them to meet the challenges of local and global competitors."

With robust growth in e-commerce technologies and security layer technologies attaining maturity level, consumers now feel more confident and secure to shop online. Australian firms are making a strong showing in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector with strong annual growth.

Even if Australian firms have yet to take full advantage of the e-business revolution, they are starting to get their storefronts online and that’s a good start.

NextGen ebiz Solutions specializes in development of e-business strategies and solutions for small to medium business in Australia through web redesign, Search Engine Optimisation, e-commerce and Internet Marketing.